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Directions to our office


Our office suite is located inside First Baptist Church Trussville.

When you turn off of Chalkville Road into the church parking lot, you will be facing the church.  Drive around the LEFT side of the church to the back. In the back parking lot (after you have passed the church office entrance(there will be a sign over the doors)), you will see a large tan door.  You should see a Trussville Family Counseling sign beside the door.  Go through this door to our waiting room which will be on the right.


We have a dedicated entrance to provide as much privacy as possible.


Terry Mashburn        205-276-2419

Brenda Mashburn    205-422-4697

Stephen  Long           205-800-8381

Nikki O'Dell                618-406-6640

Donna Marsh            205-253-5055